Company Profile

Starting Out
All set for a career in agriculture, Theodor was blessed with a keen interest in all things mechanical and asked his father if he could restore a dormant Komatsu D50-15 Dozer. With the job complete, it wasn't long before he left farming for plant hire with this self-same Dozer.

In the early years he worked single handlely as operator, mechanic and markerter and it was regular practice to tram a machine very slowly up to 20 kilometres to and from jobs. Theodor made real progress, however, and in that time accumulated a fleet of a dozen used Komatsu Dozers, which he personally reconditioned.

Rent A Dozer's first new purchase came in 2004, which the delivery of Komatsu PC200-7 excavator which is still in service today.

The Right Machine for the Job
It is from experience gained in these early years that created the pillars on which Rent A Dozer has built a well-deserved reputation for the quality and reliability of its equipment and a work ethic that is superbly cost-effective. Theodor's strategy is based upon the correct choice of equipment to suit an application, a rigid servicing schedule and a deep-rooted respect for equipment.

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